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Swarm 003Many people experience the sight of bees and wasps around their residence or their place of work. Whether you see a swarm of bees clustered on a branch or whether you see bees entering a cavity wall or chimney, we can help you.

We have been dealing with bees and wasps for close on thirty years. If you're confused as to how approach the problem, give us a call.

Solving bee and wasp problems is all we do. Ring for advice or book a callout.

We don't always have to destroy bees . On many occasions, especially in swarming season, we can often save the bees and rehouse them for beekeepers or yourself to keep.


Types of Bee

Got a query about an insect- is it a bee or a wasp ? What type of bee is it ?

Is it dangerous?


There are thousands of species of bee within Australia and the world.

Most are solitary insects and don't cause much concern. The most common bee variety that is likely to cause problems on occasions is the honeybee. This variety is a social insect and can travel in swarms in Spring and summer. It is this means of movement which can frighten people aswell as the nesting of such a large group of insects.


Honeybees are , however, for the most part innocuous and will not interfere with people unless they are disturbed.

Safe removal of swarms and their nests are the province of our work.

Should you need help in getting rid of a swarm or nest please call 0419 196211 or 9440 5498. We work 7 days a week and cover the metro area and beyond.



Wasps present a problem in the garden and elsewhere. It's prudent to know the kind of wasp causing concern. Paper wasps , for instance, are more of a nuisance in hotter weather as their nests grow in size.

There are many other kinds of wasp around and the major varieties can be easily distinguished.